Tera, from St. Louis, Missouri asks:

How often should I replace my mattress?

Our Answer:

Mattresses typically last for 7-10 years, even though their warranties are often much longer. Some manufacturers offer suggestions on when to replace their mattresses, or based on the body type (read: weight) and/or quantity of sleepers using it. Our recommendation is to carefully inspect your mattress looking for any tell-tale signs of overuse, such as:

  • Does the middle sag? This could impact the quality of your sleep and leave you waking up with a sore back due to lack of support.
  • Are the edges still supported? Lack of edge support is a common complaint about older mattresses.
  • Are there significant stains, smells, or any other cosmetic damage? While these things don't technically impact the quality of your sleep, hygiene is important.
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