Nectar Mattress

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

At first glance, the Dreamcloud hybrid mattress looks like a mattress fit for a castle. You can’t help but to notice the hand-tufted cashmere top. It looks (and is) incredibly soft and luxurious. The rest of the review aside, I really like the look of this bed. The team has done a great job giving it a unique, but classy appearance and it’s a shame we’ve got to wrap it in sheets, because that top really is nice stuff.

I love a firm mattress. I’ve been saying it for years, we need more firm mattresses on the market. With so many people sleeping hot, a firm, hybrid mattress is just what the doctor ordered. For people who like to sleep on the mattresss, not inside of it, or those on the heavier side, I really think Dreamcloud is a good pick. Even if it’s not, the generous 365-day return policy has you covered.

Avocado Green Mattress

Organic certified latex, organic certified wool, and organic certified cotton. That’s the first thing you’ll notice about the Avocado Green mattress. Everything is so, well, green. “No polyester, polyurethane foams, or toxic fire retardents are used” claims the website. We believe you, Avocado, but how does the mattress feel? Hows the durability? (editors note: read our review below to find out). Another differentiating factor is the top. Avocado allows you to add an optional pillow top to bring down the firmness from a brisk 7 to a cushy 6. To be honest though, I think a lot of people will be happy with the non-pillow top version, as there simply aren’t a lot of firm mattresses in a box available on the market.

Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic Mattress

One has to applaud Sealy on their ability to stay relevant after a whopping 138 years in the mattress industry. This isn’t (always) your parents old bed. They’ve got all-foam memory foam mattresses, traditionally innersprings, and hybrid mattresses to keep up with today’s discerning consumer. The Posturepedic line was engineered with teams of orthopedic specialists to provide superior comfort and support, particularly in the middle of the mattress. Why does the middle matter? Because that’s where the majority of your weight rests while sleeping. What works for an edge, or a top or bottom, won’t necessarily work for the middle of your mattress. Posturepedic aims to provide a tailored, reinforced support for back and combination sleepers.

Nolah Original Mattress

Nolah, based in Denver, has piqued our interest for quite some time. The company’s about us page states that they set out to improve upon the traditional memory foam and latex mattress construction. In doing so, they developed their proprietary AirFoam blend. AirFoam is said to sleep temperature neutral, as it doesn’t contain any viscoelastic chemicals (commonly found in memory foam, for example) that contribute to heat retention. Surprisingly, the companies tests also showed a 4x less peak pressure on sleepers hips and back during testing. Nolah, you had our interest, but now you have our curiosity.

Puffy Mattress

As seen on Ellen (yes, really, that Ellen). That’s the first thing that caught my attention on the Puffy site. Puffy has had a great couple of years — the company has had it mattresses featured all over the place and won a ton of awards. The question is, is it all hype, or is there some substance here? So, I set off to find out.

The Puffy mattress, one of two offered by the company, contains proprietary materials, such as ClimateComfort, which prevents temperature fluctuations. A lot of memory foam mattresses sleep hot (well, that’s kind of how memory foam works, by retaining your body temperature), so I’m always interested in new formulations and innovations within the materials that offset some of the potential drawbacks of all-foam mattresses.

Proprietary foams and materials aside, something else stands out. A mattress with a lifetime warranty? What kind of madness is this? Say what you want, but Puffy clearly stands behind the durability of their mattresses.

For the socially conscious shopper, for every 10 social posts customers make, Puffy donates a mattress to a child in need.

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

A lot of people sleep hot. Common anecdotes range from tossing and turning all night, slopping around in a pile of sweat, to simply being slightly uncomfortable and needing to run a fan while they sleep. Me? I’m more of an even keeled sleeper, but I can get behind some of the benefit and pure enjoyment of having a cool pillow — so I’m also kind of into cool beds. Cooler than the other side of the pillow, they say. But what does that look like in a mattress… does it even make a real difference?

Turns out, it does. Even if you’re like me, and you haven’t really ever thought that you sleep hot, take a couple of nights on a specialty cooling mattress and you’ll never go back. They just feel more airy. Sometimes you can forget you’re even laying on a mattress at all., which is kind of what we’re all secretly yearning for. To be unencumbered by the mattresses beneath us, floating off into the clouds and getting the best nights sleep of our life, every night. The GhostBed Luxe just might be that mattress for you.

The Luxe is a 13″ tall, 7 layer memory foam mattress. It’s priced above the entry level memory foam mattresses, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s got significantly more technology and manufacturing between the sheets. That’s not to say it’s a luxury mattress, because it’s not. But it’s pretty darn close.

GhostBed Mattress

In that initial, nascent period, it seemed like everyone had pretty much the same mattress. And that was fine by most of us. It was just so magical (there’s that word again) to get a mattress sent to your door in a box you could carry around without hiring a team of movers.

Enter the GhostBed. The first entry in the dawning ‘mattress in a box’ field by the veteran team behind Nature’s Sleep. The GhostBed was the first mattress that I ever slept on that hadn’t come from a local mattress store. I can distinctly remember that feeling of awe watching the advertising videos showing customers unboxing their beds and watching them inflate and I felt giddy when I got to experience the same.

The bed is good, there’s no doubt about it. But more than that, what the GhostBed did for me is give me something to tell my friends about, and tell I did, and well, here we are.

Now, I’ve spent the past few paragraphs waxing philosophical about yesteryear, and you’re probably wondering when I’ll get on with it and onto the mattress. The answer is: right now.

The GhostBed, as it stands today, is still a great bed. It’s affordable, it’s firm (great for heavier folks and couples), and in so far as I can tell, it’s still attracting legions of rabid fans who love the “nights rest so good it’s scary.”

Leesa Mattress

I should start by stating that we actually owned a Leesa mattress for well over a year and used it as our primary bed during that time. This was before MoJoSleep, and before I began reviewing mattresses at all. Did we like it? We did. I was perhaps more fond of it than my sleep partner, but it served us well and gave us some insight into long term use that we reviewers typically can’t weigh in on.